Action Research

Action Research within the JET

Pairs and of groups of teachers from across the JET MAT have the opportunity to apply to research an aspect of work that they believe will have a positive impact on the education and outcomes for children within JET. This is an opportunity to work with like-minded, ambitious colleagues to influence change.

Funding can be requested to facilitate the project. A condition of project approval is that there must be more than one school represented on the project group.

Any similar projects that are submitted will be asked to meet with one another before proceeding.

Applications will be sent via email and then shortlisted projects will be presented to the board.

Findings at the end of the project will be published on the JET website.

Accurate research is paramount even if the outcome of the research is not to proceed.

What is Action Research?

Action research is a practical, work-based investigation into an organisational issue. It can be applied to any aspect of the organisation’s work, including teaching and learning.

Action research is normally small-scale and involves working collaboratively. It is a cyclical process that requires those conducting the action research to:

  • Reflect on and assess their practice
  • Explore and test new ideas/methods/materials
  • Evaluate how effective their interventions have been

The outcomes and impact of the action research are shared with colleagues. Decisions can then be taken as to which innovations are adopted more widely by the team or organisation.

Current Action Research projects

Project title Mapping PSHE across JET from year R to KS4
Project facilitator(s) Suzanne Dibden (Upper Shirley High School), Katie Annas (Shirley Juniors) and Cate Gregory (Shirley Infants School)
Project title How does extra input at KS1 and KS2 impact KS3 transition and attainment in Physical Education?
Project facilitator(s) Claire Sidney (Upper Shirley High School) in liaison with head teachers and PE leads ins JET schools
Project title Arts Award across the JET
Target group The aim is to reach out across the give all young people from the age of 5 to experience and gain the Arts Award at 4 different levels. The schools involved will be; Shirley infants, Shirley Juniors, Tremona Road, Upper Shirley High School
Project facilitator(s) Janine Kirk, Junior Jones, Sarah Turner (Upper Shirley High School), Liz Stuttle and another member of staff (Tremona Road) J Moroney to facilitate and support each school with the delivery and will organise the training and host strategic planning meetings at the early stage of the project and throughout. Trinity College London, who the run the Arts Award have already identified this project to be unique and worthy of bespoke training and support.
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