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Name Date of Appointment Date of Resignation
Hamwic Trust 26/11/2015 N/A
Julie Reynolds 05/11/2012 N/A
Jenny Jones 23/10/2013 N/A
Peter Gould 29/04/2013 N/A
Andy Hyett 15/07/2014 N/A
Helen McGill 26/11/2015 N/A


Name Date of Appointment Term of Office Date of Resignation Appointed By
Alistair Watters (Chair) 26/11/2015 4 Years N/A Members
Robert Farmer (CEO) 25/09/2012 4 Years N/A Members
Alice Wrighton 05/11/2012 4 Years N/A Members
Carolyn Fayle 01/08/2014 4 Years N/A Members
Nigel Reichelt 4 Years N/A Members
Natalie Rogers 02/12/2013 4 Years 25/09/2015 Members
Jane Wood 05/11/2012 4 Years 25/09/2015 Members
Hazel Hayter 05/11/2012 4 Years 25/09/2015 Members
Karen Hayes 4 Years 25/09/2015 Members
Stuart Woods 07/01/2013 4 Years 25/09/2015 Members

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